Specialized Services

Specialized Services

AbbotsfordWORKS provides specialized services to specific people that may have unique needs when looking for a job or a potential career. These services are available at specific AbbotsfordWORKS site locations. Please view the categories below to find out which location would be best suited to your specific requirements.

Our Apollo site offers unique services specific to our Canadian Immigrant population including employability skills and job search workshops in basic English.  We also provide one-to-one support for those who require translation services. Staff at this site speak English, Punjabi, Hindi and Cantonese.

To view the upcoming workshops available at Apollo please visit our resource room workshops page and view the calendar under the workshop dates tab.

Call our Apollo location at 604-859-7686 and book an appointment with our Initial Needs Assessor to register into these workshops.

AbbotsfordWORKS is committed to serving people who face multiple barriers to employment. The one-to-one coaching, and the activity-based workshop series, provide a supportive learning environment in which people can undergo a process of both self-discovery and career development.

Workshops include:

  • Career assessments and identifying employment options
  • Job search tools: resumes, cover letters and references
  • Communication skills and conflict resolution
  • Approaching employers and job interview skills
  • Teamwork skills, decision-making and problem solving
  • Self-esteem, anger & stress management
  • Addictive behaviours education

The Laurel Street site staff are highly experienced in mentoring clients to do what it takes to get past difficult barriers to employment. These services also include access to financial supports such as transportation, day care, skills specific certificate training and job start funds.

Call our Laurel Street Location at 778-856-4468 to book an appointment to access these services.

People living with a disability may participate in regular workshops as able, with one-to-one supports delivered by specialized case managers at the Storefront location. The Storefront site is wheelchair accessible, has assistive technology and provides all the available services in one location. Our experienced case managers who serve people with disabilities take each individual's specific needs and abilities into account providing resources and supports as needed.

Supports include:

  • Individualized workshops delivered one-to-one
  • Job developer and job coaching supports
  • Assistive technology
  • Accommodations in the workplace
  • Financial supports as necessary such as transportation and job start

Call our Storefront location at 604-859-4500 and book an appointment to access these specialized services.

People aged 16 - 29 may participate in regular workshops services as well as accessing one-to-one supports from our specialized case manager at the Storefront location. Our experienced youth case manager takes each individual’s specific needs and abilities into account, and provides resources and links to community supports as needed.

Supports include:

  • Career assessments and job search workshops
  • Financial supports for transportation, job start, and apprenticeships
  • Referral to specialized external work experience programs and training such as Youth Keep Working

Call our Storefront location at 604-859-4500 and book an appointment to access these services.

Women Only Supports

Specialized Case Managers provide one-to-one employment counselling, facilitate group workshops and provide on-going follow-up in a private, satellite location.  These specialized services are for women who have experienced mental, physical or emotional abuse and are seeking increased well-being, increased community connections and/or employment.  

For more information please call 604-859-4500.

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