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Résumé & Cover Letter Writing

Excellent workshop and my resume never looked better! Thank-You!

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A cover letter and résumé is often the first impression an employer will receive of you and as such it is essential to put your best foot forward. Follow these tips and resources to help you get started writing a résumé and cover letter that is sure to get you to that next step.

  • Proofread - It is imperative to make sure your résumé and cover letter are free from any spelling or grammatical mistakes and typos. These documents speak to your traits including your professionalism and attention to detail.
  • Customize it - If you're sending a cover letter to a specific company or organization customize the letter to include items such as what makes you a great fit for that specific organization.
  • Be Honest - Transparency is key. Let the employer know your skill set and experience but don't be tempted by the inclination to exaggerate. Be confident in your skills and be yourself.


BC Works – Write a Résumé  |  Write a Cover Letter

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Preparing for a Job Interview

job seeker providing resume to interviewer

Think of an interview as a discovery phase where both you and the employer have a vested interest to see if employment would be mutually beneficial. There may be expectations or requirements that are revealed during the interview that do not fit your goals or to which you cannot commit. It is quite typical to feel nervous before an interview. If these emotions are within a reasonable level they can be beneficial in helping you be alert and able to answer questions more readily. Follow these tips to get you started in preparation for your interview.

  • Be Prepared - Practice answering typical interview questions with someone you are comfortable with, think of questions you may have yourself, research the company to have some background knowledge.
  • Dress Professionally - Regardless of the type of position you are interviewing for it is imperative to wear professional atire to demonstrate your respect and professionalism. Dressing up often helps increase confidence in yourself as well.
  • Arrive a few minutes early - or even more if you are unsure of the location or parking arrangements.


BC Works – Prepare for a Job interview | References List for Job Interviewer

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Career Assessments can help you understand yourself better and point you to occupations that suit your personal style, needs, interests and values.


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Tools to find specific Information about the Labour Market


On-line Inventories about Different Occupations

Find out information regarding particular careers including the minimum eduction required, occupation size, job stability and more. WorkBC Career Profiles

Asking Questions & Interviewing People in the Industry

Meeting with people and asking questions will support you to gathering specific information about certain occupations and on the local labour market. The following link provides information on what questions to ask someone you are interviewing to gather information regarding a career path.

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